Please don't put stuff on utility poles

Please don’t put stuff on utility poles

Although it may seem like a good idea, putting signs, satellite dishes, deer stands,  or other items on utility poles creates serious safety hazards.

Staples, nails, and tacks used to hang things—as well as the items themselves—pose dangers to Access Energy Cooperative line workers who must climb poles to restore or to perform routine maintenance.              

Dishes, deer stands or other objects (birdhouses, balloons, flags, a basketball net, etc) can create dangerous obstacles. The nails, tacks and screws left behind can snag utility workers’ boots or puncture safety clothing, making line workers vulnerable to slipping or even electrocution.              

In addition to being hazardous, tampering with utility poles can be costly. Posting signs or attaching other objects to utility poles is in violation of Access Energy Cooperative’s electric tariff, section 19. Individuals are subject to disconnection and possible legal action can be taken.              

Access Energy Cooperative encourages members to contact local zoning officers to inquire about where signage can be posted legally.

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