It’s a simple premise: when you flip the



switch at home, the lights should come on.

And at Access Energy Cooperative,

we work hard to ensure you have electricity

every hour of every day. It’s what we do;

we’re here for you, our member-owners.

Even as we upgrade the distribution

system to improve reliability, we face

continual threats, like a tornado or ice

storm. Maybe a neighbor forgets to call

before he digs up his backyard. Maybe

someone would slide off the road and hit a

utility pole.

With 2200 miles of electric distribution

lines, we have a lot of ground to cover.

So when the lights go out, we cover it as

quickly as possible. Not too long ago, our

only option was linemen driving throughout

large areas to investigate a problem. Since

then, we have invested in smart technologies

that allow us to monitor our system remotely

and pinpoint problems more quickly and

accurately as they occur.

We also have great employees with

tremendous expertise in maintaining and

repairing our infrastructure. As your locally

owned and operated not-for-profit utility, we

deeply care about the areas we serve. We

evaluate and deploy cost-effective system

upgrades and preventive maintenance

strategies across our 10 counties. And, we

work hard all year to keep trees away from

power lines to prevent outages.

This combination of expertise, technology

and our local focus helps us meet new

challenges and exceed your expectations.