Access Energy Cooperative strives to deliver safe, efficient and reliable service, while upholding environmental responsibility. Part of accomplishing this mission involves keeping detailed records of outages incurred by members. We keep track of the total minutes each member is out of service per year and calculate an average number of minutes per year each account is without power.
In 2009, the average member of Access Energy Cooperative experienced 1.4 outages last year including a total average of 166 minutes of interrupted service in 2009.
We strive to provide the most reliable, safe, efficient power to your home or business as possible. We cannot, however, prevent damage incurred from Mother Nature like storms and ice damage. What we CAN do is respond to them as quickly as possible, and we can do things to help minimize the effects from those events.
To help minimize service interruptions, we have stringent maintenance programs in place for the equipment that brings you power, including things like poles, lines, meters, OCR’s, transformers, switches, and many other parts. We also have a rotating schedule for vegetation management that could pose a threat to your service and safety. The program attempts to cover approximately 20% of our system each year. Last year we spent $231,000 on brush control maintenance in the Mt. Pleasant, Denmark and Lockridge areas.
Access Energy Cooperative reports this information on your service reliability to the Iowa Utility Board annually. Our employees are very proud of the safe, reliable, efficient service we provide to you!

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