High School

Youth Tour for High School Sophomores and Juniors

Help Students Win One of Two Free Trips to Washington D.C.

Access Energy Cooperative sends two students to participate in the Rural Electric Youth Tour in June of each year, for an activity-filled week, affording these high school youths opportunities to learn first-hand what it is like to be involved in politics, community development and today’s social issues. Encourage your students to apply.

Scholarships Available for High School Seniors

  • Six$1500 awards, two in each of the cooperative’s three Districts
    • First $500 will be awarded upon completion of the first semester
    • Remaining $1000 will be awarded upon completion of first semester, second year
  • Must be a high school senior receiving post-secondary education
  • Parents or legal guardians must be members of the cooperative
  • Winners will be chosen in March and announced at their senior awards ceremonies.


Elementary/Middle School

GetCharged! Program Kits Available Free for Use to Home Schooled Studentsget-charged

GetCharged! was developed by Discovery Channel School in partnership with Touchstone Energy Cooperatives to help middle school students make learning about electricity fun and relevant. It provides:

  • Basic information about electricity
  • Information on how electricity works and how to use it

Safety Demonstrationssafety-demonstrations

It is important to Access Energy Cooperative and all of our employees to help kids learn how dangerous electricity can be if it is not respected. Our program is real hands-on learning to help them understand why it’s important to take precautions around electricity. Presenters and kids have a lot of fun interacting and exchanging questions and answers.

Kill-A-Watt MonitorsKill-A-Watt Monitor

Ever wonder how much “juice” appliances are really using? Access Energy Cooperative has available to high school and middle school science departments in our service area a free Kill-A-Watt monitor for your use in the challenge of educating our youth. Or homeschool students can check one out for use.

Contact our office for more information.

Science and History For All Ages

Free information for teachers to use in education for all ages in science and history of electricity, safety, as well as saving energy and renewable resources.

Career Opportunities at an Electric Cooperative

See what types of jobs are possible in the electric utility business at the Electric Universe.

Want to be a lineman? Check out Powerline Technology – the school for linemen in Iowa.

You can also see what kind of equipment the linemen at Access Energy Cooperative wear and how it keeps them safe!

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