In 2015, we will begin a new program to phase out our existing high pressure sodium (HPS) leased lights with new LED lights. Any outside area HPS lights which are leased that require maintenance will be replaced with the new LED lights, along with any new leased lights installed. The only thing you should notice is that the LED produces a white light as opposed to the yellow light from the HPS lights. The LEDs should effectively light the same outside area as the old HPS lights. While the LED lights cost more to purchase, they consume less than half of the electricity of a HPS light. We expect the LED light replacements to be a major part of our energy efficiency plan for the next several years. We also anticipate that the LED lights will require less maintenance. At this time, the monthly lease rate will remain the same as the HPS lights. Our leased lighting rates will be reviewed as part of the cost of service study.

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