Energy Audits: Information on free energy audits for Access Energy Cooperative members.

Tree Trimming: When tree limbs grow too close to power lines they can create safety hazards, cause damage or interrupt your service. Check here for information on our tree trimming services.

Line Extensions: Thinking about a new service or an extension of an existing service? Check here for information on these services.

Outside Area Lighting: Check here for information on our outdoor area lighting services available.


Rate Schedule

Your Meter

Meter Testing: Meters are routinely tested to maintain accuracy. If you are questioning your meter, here’s what to do.

AMI: (Automated Meter Information or AMI) How it helps us to quickly restore service interruptions.

Reading Your Meter: How to calculate your usage.

Products Available

Outdoor Area Lighting: Request a new light or request one to be fixed.

Kill-A-Watt: Want to know how much “juice” your refrigerator or other appliances are using?

Electric Grills, Smokers & Accessories: Available for purchase.

Financing for Energy Efficiency Improvements

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