This Cooperative accepts the principle of complete area coverage in making electric service available to anyone within its assigned service area. The limitations are the limitations of feasibility established by policies and procedures of the Cooperative standards and by the Iowa Utilities Board Rules and Regulations. In all cases, the Cooperative will construct, own, and maintain all facilities up to the point of delivery. Access Energy Cooperative will provide electric service to users on an area coverage basis, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin or disability.

Point of Delivery

The point of delivery on overhead construction shall be the end of service drop where it is attached to the structure on which the meter is located. The point of delivery on underground construction shall be the point of attachment to the meter socket.

Delivery Outside the Cooperative Service Area

Where it is necessary that electric lines be constructed to a point of delivery outside the Cooperative service area, the electric line may not be constructed under the area coverage policy. All costs of construction may be assessed to the member-consumer requesting the service and the same are not refundable. The ownership of such extension shall be in the name of the Cooperative and the Cooperative shall operate and maintain such extensions.

Regular Farm and Home Service

The Cooperative will supply single-phase, 120/240 volt electric service at a delivery point, or meter location, to be agreed upon by the Cooperative and the applicant, such location to be determined as the best load center available to serve all the electrical requirements of the member-consumer that are near enough to be served from one metering point at 120/240 volts. The Cooperative will install and maintain the line and all equipment up to the point of delivery. The meter and meter socket will also be furnished. This service is available to all farm locations where there is a permanent resident. Rate schedule 26.1 will apply to this service. The Cooperative will finance the cost of construction that parallel an existing county or state road.

A mobile home which has had the undercarriage removed, been set on a permanent foundation and had the license turned in, becomes a part of the real estate and will be classified as a permanent residence with the terms as stated above.

Residential (Non-Farm) Service

The Cooperative will supply single-phase 120/240 volt service for a permanent residence where there is continuous year around occupancy under the same terms as listed above.

Non-Residential, Low-Use Service

The Cooperative will supply service where no permanent residence exists, for any purpose which in the judgment of the Cooperative expected revenue will not justify the investment. The member-consumer will be required to provide a contribution in aid of construction (non-refundable) prior to construction. The amount of the contribution in aid of construction shall be the total estimated cost of the extension. Mobile homes not classified as a permanent residence, in the judgment of the Cooperative, will be served these terms and conditions.

Temporary Service

Where, in the opinion of the Cooperative, circumstances indicate that service may be temporary, the Cooperative will supply temporary electric service for any purpose, provided the applicant will make an advance cash construction payment equal to the estimated labor and overhead costs of installing and removing the service, plus non-salvageable materials. Electricity consumed will be metered and billed at the regular applicable rate schedule. The Cooperative will require a deposit intended to guarantee payment of bills for service in addition to the construction advance. When service is removed, any advance in excess of actual costs will be refunded. Rate Schedule applicable to service will apply.

Transformer Size

The Cooperative will determine the size transformer to be installed to provide adequate service and voltage regulation for all types and classifications of service.

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