The Safety of Sight

Whether you are getting home after a long day of work or returning from a school activity with the kids, area lighting can provide that extra light needed on dark nights to provide a lighted path to the front door.

Leased Area Lighting

Access Energy Cooperative offers to all members leased area lights. We will install, repair or replace the lights, and provide the energy to operate the light for the low monthly charges and requirements listed below.

  • The light must be located on an Access Energy Cooperative pole within 2 feet of the cooperative’s 120/240 service transformer.(normally the meter pole)
  • If located on an existing Access Energy Cooperative pole, installation is free when signing a one-year contract.
  • If locating the light away from our existing facilities, the costs of any additional wiring, poles and labor must be paid by the member.
  • Members have the choice of 40 watt or 70 watt LED lights.
    • 40 Watt LED ………..…..$ 9.80 plus tax
    • 70 Watt LED ………..…..$12.35 plus tax

Have an existing light of your own?

We will also perform maintenance on a member owned light on a parts and labor basis. There is a minimum labor charge for a customer owned light plus materials.

Need a fix or new light installed?

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