It’s not just a good idea, it’s the law.

If you are planning on digging, even an inch into the soil, you will need to call Iowa One Call at least two business days prior to digging at 1-800-292-8989.

Once your call is placed, Iowa One Call sends “locate requests” to all utilities involved, and they arrange to mark underground facilities with flags and/or paint markings—letting you know where it is safe to dig.

The Iowa One Call service is absolutely free to the person calling, plus it’s the law!

Iowa One Call only covers the facilities that are owned by the utilities.

  • Access Energy Cooperative’s facilities end at the meter.
  • Any facilities owned by you are not covered by Iowa One Call.
  • Any underground facilities from the meter to the house, barn, or other facility are YOUR facilities and are not located under an Iowa One Call request. These areas are beyond their scope.

In order to have underground facilities from the meter to the house, barn, or other facility located:iowa-one-call

  • Call Access Energy Cooperative locally at 319-385-1577 or 1-866-242-4232 at the same time as placing your Iowa One Call.
  • We will dispatch an Access Energy Cooperative employee to locate your facilities in the area.
  • Since we are locating YOUR underground facilities, there will be a charge for this service.
  • The fee is based upon the amount of time required to perform the location, with a minimum charge of $75.00.
  • Once your underground facilities have been located, it is recommended that you make a detailed map, including measurements, so that you will know where your facilities are for future projects.
  • You are required to call Iowa One Call EACH TIME YOU DIG, even if you know where your underground facilities are located. It could save you from a service interruption—or worse—a serious injury or death.

Besides—it’s the law!

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