Safety is very important at Access Energy Cooperative. Our linemen wear a lot of very important protective safety gear, which contributes significantly to our operating expenses. Click on the various pieces of equipment on the lineman below to see what the equipment is and what it is used for.

Lineman’s Safety Equipment

Check out what safety equipment our linemen wear. You can also download a picture of him with all the descriptions at once.

Hard Hat
Protects him from falling debris.
Safety Glasses
Blocks hazardous glare, particularly when working on energized line.
Hearing Protection
Safety Harness
Protection when working in elevated positions. Attaches to the boom on truck.
Rubber Gloves
Tested for protection from electrical contact.
Rubber Glove Protectors
Worn over the insulated rubber gloves to protect them from tearing or being punctured.
Hot Stick
Tool for moving or adjusting live electrical equipment.
Rubber Sleeves
Protests his arms from unintentional electrical contact.
Fire Retardant Shirt
Protects him from burns in event of contact. Bright color highly visible in high traffic areas.
To make him more visible.
Fire Retardant Jeans
Protects from burns in event of electrical contact.
Work Boots
Composite toe to protect from falling debris, extra arch support for climbing.


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