When tree limbs grow too close to power lines they can cause damage or interrupt your service. They could also create a safety hazard to you, your neighbors, or children who like to climb trees.

  • Do not allow children to climb or play in any tree located near a power line.
  • Contact with the wires could result in severe injury or death.
  • Especially during damp weather, electrical shock can occur when a person touches a tree that is touching a wire. It is not necessary to actually touch the wire itself to sustain a serious or even fatal electric shock.

A primary cause of power outages is trees contacting power lines. Access Energy Cooperative makes every effort to provide you with safe and reliable electric service. To provide safe, uninterrupted service it is necessary to trim trees when they are located too close to power lines.

Each year we trim trees on approximately 20% of our system, so approximately once every five years we trim trees in your area.

What Trees are Members Responsible for?
  • Access Energy provides tree clearance along our lines to the meter location.
  • All lines beyond the meter location belong to the member, and tree clearance on those lines is the member’s responsibility.
  • Access Energy recommends hiring a professional, line-clearance-certified tree contractor when trimming trees near power lines.
  • If there is a safety concern, Access Energy can disconnect the wires from the meter to your service so your contractor can perform the work safely.
  • If limbs or branches are touching the electric wires on your farm or at your home, or if you suspect a danger exists please contact us for an evaluation of the situation.
Before Planting Trees...
  • Look up!
  • Consider the mature size of the tree.
  • Trees that will mature over 15 feet in height should be planted well outside the right-of-way corridor to avoid future contacts with the power lines.
  • Don’t forget to call Iowa One Call before you dig.
To Request a Tree Situation Evaluation

To request a tree to be trimmed or the need for an evaluation of a possible dangerous situation

  • Log on to your account and submit a request to our operations department
  • Or call us at 1-866-242-4232 or 319-385-1577
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