Dear Mr. Swindell

I am writing you to thank you and your staff for their time and efforts in their presentation and representing your company on Tuesday, March 18th.  Kim, Alan, and Gary all did a great job of adapting a lesson and making it meaningful to the students, giving some great insight to the topic of Energy as it relates to our 8th Grade Science Curriculum.  These discussion points of Conservation, Efficiency, Thermal Energy, and Energy Transfer are all points of emphasis as we talk throughout the next few weeks and we were thrilled to have 3 people that could speak intelligently on the subject of how they use Science, Math, and Technology on a daily basis as it applies to your business.  Furthermore, their quick and timely preparation for our guest speaking and putting this together in less than 2 weeks was appreciated.  

This was also a great opportunity for our students to see the benefits that they receive from your programs and support of the community.  The scholarship opportunities, recently the trips to Washington DC and many other things such as help in local communities and teams.  On behalf of our school and community, thank you for all Access Energy does for us locally.  It doesn’t always go unseen and unnoticed.  

Your staff should be commended for their hard work and effort to pass on this information in a way for our students to interact and apply science that is being done daily in this community.

Thank you,
Linc Davis &
Laura Fernandez

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