On September 2nd, Access Energy Cooperative held a Throwing the Switch ceremony to celebrate the installation of the second largest solar project in Iowa. The system is a 100KW DC solar array consisting of 429 individual photovoltaic modules that is expected to provide 25% of the facilities energy needs, including Congressman Loebsack, staff from both Senator Harkin and Senator Grassley’s offices; State Representative Curt Hansen and representatives from the Iowa Energy Center at our “Throwing the Switch” celebration, where they learned information about the Cooperative’s solar demonstration project. 

Our solar array became operational on July 8, so we were able to share some preliminary operating statistics on the project. In the month of August the array produced 14,470 kilowatt hours of energy and contributed 70 kilowatts of capacity at the time of our August peak. This is a little better performance than I was expecting, and I am anxious to see how it performs during the winter months. 

With all the publicity about Solyndra, the failed solar manufacturer in California, I want to let you know that they were not involved in our project.

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