Now, as Mother Nature begins to loosen her hold from winter, and we start to see Spring fade in, I want to remind everyone that our rate increase will take effect April 1, 2016. No one likes an increase, but it is necessary to maintain a safe, reliable electrical system and keep your cooperative financially stable. As you recall in the December newsletter it was discussed that the rate increase will range from 10.48% for single phase customers to 7.3% for large power members requiring power between 200 to 500 kilowatts. Including industrial members whose loads exceed 5000 kilowatts the overall increase drops to 7.9% with industrials receiving a 4.5% increase. This breakdown was discussed in the December newsletter, and that article is available on our website at

This may seem late for this season, but now is the time to start thinking about how you can make energy efficient home improvements for this summer and next year’s heating season. If you are looking to make improvements, be sure to contact our Member Services Department. They are happy to conduct energy audits and share the details with members to show you what improvements would be most beneficial for you to save energy. We also offer rebate programs to assist you; which could come from a cost share on energy efficiency improvements, to upgrading your heating and cooling system. This is just one example how the cooperative is here to serve you.

During my first month at Access Energy Cooperative it has been a very exciting time to be received with so much gracious enthusiasm and support from all the employees. It also has been a pleasure to meet members of our service area, and I look forward in the coming months to be able to meet more of our community.