At Access Energy Cooperative, every customer is an owner of the business. Unlike other electric utilities, your co-op exists to make sure your needs are met, not to make a profit. As a member-owner, you share in the margins earned in the form of dividend checks.

Treasure Hunt

List of checks issued for members we cannot find. Do you know any of them?

We work hard every day to keep your rates as low as possible. But it’s nice to know that when there are margins earned, they go back to you!

Does all the Revenue Earned by Access Energy Cooperative go back to the Members as Dividends?
How Much was Allocated this Year?
Do I have a Dividend Account?
Why don't I get my Dividend as soon as it is Allocated?
How do I get the Money from my Dividend Account?

Access Energy Cooperative offers special payment options of patronage dividends to estates. If the person to whom the check is made out to has passed away, please submit the information below, or notify our office.

For any further questions, call our finance department at 319-385-1577 or 1-866-242-4232. Or you can complete the information below by selecting “Dividend Information” and send to them.