Tired of writing checks and remembering when your monthly bills are due?

Make life a little simpler and pay your electric bill without writing a check.

Bank Draft benefits:

  • Reduce the cost of checks and stamps.
  • Reduce the time you spend writing checks.
  • Eliminate potential lost or misdirected payments.
  • Bills are taken care of when you’re on vacation.

How Bank Draft Works:

With Bank Draft you receive a monthly bill that notifies you of the amount due. The funds to cover your bill will automatically be transferred from your account to ours on or a few days within your due date. (Weekends and holidays can affect the timing of the withdrawal.)

How To Sign Up For Bank Drafting:

Log on to your account to sign up for bank drafting

Call our billing department at 319-385-1577 or 1-866-242-4232 or fill out form below.

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