Every three years Associated Electric Cooperative, the Access Energy Cooperative wholesale power generator, conducts a satisfaction survey of our members. The opinions we receive from this survey help us to identify and respond to your needs and improve services.

During this month and possibly into next month, a cooperative-approved, independent research firm will be gathering the opinions of Access Energy Cooperative members, either by a telephone interview or by an email invitation to participate online in this important project.

As an alternative to the telephone survey, some members will be randomly selected to participate in an online version. An email may be sent to you with a link directing you to the survey. Rest assured that the link is valid and does not ask for any of your private information. Another option to obtain your opinions is through a postcard mailer. Some members may receive a postcard with instructions to respond to the survey. Again, rest assured that this is approved by Access Energy Cooperative.

If you are asked to participate in this survey, we appreciate your time and effort in providing responses.