Sample Bill

Hover/touch various parts of the bill. Items with further description will be highlighted. To see a description of an item on the bill, click or touch the highlighted area.

Sample Bill
Account Number Rate Code Meter Number Meter Multiplier Service Address Due Date Message Center After Due Date Pay Total Amount Due Taxes Fixed/Facility Charge KWH Usage Energy Charge Previous Bill Info Send In Portion Service: Previous & Present Meter Reading: From & To

Account Number

Identifies your Access Energy Cooperative account.

Rate Code

Residential Accounts are 101.

Other rate codes are defined in the center of the bill.

Meter Number

Serial number that identifies your meter.

Also found on meter face.

Meter Multiplier

Based on what type of meter is installed at your service location.

Service Address

Physical address of your service location.

Due Date

Date the payment for your current bill is due in our office.

Message Center

Check this section for upcoming events or other important announcements.

After Due Date Pay

If payment will not reach our office by due date, please pay this amount.

Each member is allowed one free late payment annually.

Total Amount Due

Total amount of payment due on account.


No state tax for electricity, but there is a county or local tax, depending on where you live.

Fixed/Facility Charge

Fixed charge covering costs associated with providing a meter and service to your location, including meter installation and administrative costs.

KWH Usage

Amount of kWhs you used for the current billing period. Derived by subtracting previous meter reading from current meter reading.

Energy Charge

Current charges for amount of kWhs used this billing period.

Previous Bill Info

Information about previous bill and payments received.

Send In Portion

Send in this portion with your payment.

Bottom section of the bill is sent to our office with your payment.

Service: Previous & Present

PREVIOUS is the date the meter was read last month.

PRESENT is the date read for the current billing period.

Meter Reading: From & To

FROM (top number) is what your meter read when the reading was taken for your previous bill.

TO is what your meter read when reading was taken for current bill.